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I really feel like making out. Any takers? Gah...

Oh man. The Geoffery Fieger roast was amazing. Definitely the coolest thing I've ever been privy to...ever.

-- Jack Lessenberry, whom I had met the night before. He was giving a speech at the Rochester Hills Museum, so I grabbed suburbanandroid and we sped out there to see it. We were 45 minutes late, because Map Quest is Satan, but it was still cool. Lessenberry is Andy's god, so he had a Wayne's World moment after the speech, when we were talking to him, and after, we went back to his (Andy's) house and hung with his girlfriend and some of their friends. Good times. At the roast, I think Jack was a little drunk...but it was all good. We had some great conversations, talking about where we grew up, how we thought the night was going to go, all that happy shit. He's so cool.
-- Jack Kresnac, of the Free Press. Hella cool guy. He shows up in a fucking bowler derby hat and a Daffy Duck necktie...watta cool guy. He did, though, call me 'Pauline' after the roast, and I was like, "What?! ...No!..." But it was okay. He gave me his card and all that.
-- Steve Steinhart, and I think I spelled that name right. This guy is a prosecuting attorney in Macomb Twp., but as a hobby, is a dee jay. A fucking dee jay. Ha! He was super cool, and was so happy that even being a child of the 90s, I wasn't into Top 40 bullshit. He played like 3 good songs the whole night, but he was really cool to talk to, at least.
-- Geoffery Fieger, who is soooo cool...as his rebuttal, he delivered this amazing speech on the preciousness of the freedoms of speech and press, and how journalism is the only profession that is actually protected by the Constitution, and how he has the highest regard for it and anyone involved in it, and how necessary the press is to the overall freedom of the country. It was so fucking moving. I got so many pictures with him, too, because he was sitting directly behind me during dinner, so his personal photographer (the World's Biggest Tool, for sure) was always there, yelling, "Smile!" and I ended up being thrown into the picture.
-- Mitch Ryder, of Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, was so awesome looking. His roast was by far the worst, but he looked so sweet -- when he walked in, I thought he was Elton John. I got to meet him after his roast, and his little helper dude looked JUST like the comic store guy from the Simpsons.
-- Carl Malinga, who gave an awesome roast. He was so effin funny, and witty, and really right on when it came to what he was saying. He also commended journalism. Good guy.

Um...who else did I get paraded around to...Bill Bonds, the lush, who talked for nearly 15 minutes about himself, when he was supposed to have been roasting Geoff, Emory King, who had the second best roast, I thought -- he was hilarious, and oh man...so many other people. The president of SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists, the people who organized the whole thing) was so nice to me, A.J. "Tony" Malta, the treasurer of SPJ, was like my buddy the whole night, this rapper named Bee, who apparently performed with Puff Daddy (or whatever the fuck he wants to call himself now) did a show...it sucked, but she was there, too, haha...

Quote(s) of the night, from Bill Bonds: "Do you find me as attractive as I do?" "I do not fear SARS. I only hope and pray that the people on this podium before me were not fucking contagious." "I had some surgery on Tuesday of this week...yes...I was circumcised."
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