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aight mutha fuckaas

I'm thinking about having a John Cusak marathon sometime...but I'm not sure when. This weekend looks pretty booked, but if you're interested in joining in the f-u-fuckin-n, then leave a comment, telling me when is a good day for you. I'll figure it out when enough people comment.

P.S.: Who wants to go with me to see Jack Lessenberry (Metro Times) speak tonight? 7:30 - 9 p.m. in Rochester Hills.
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its such a fun thing. i did a hugh grant night while i was at home. i'm going to have more theme'd movie nights. too bad i'll be watching them alone. since i'll be living alone and shit. gah. <3
we're hanging out sometime!
when are you coming to school this week (are you even coming now?)
are you still going to drag chris's lazy ass here? :p haha.
have fun at auto pilot on sunday!
5. get to watch cool 80's movies
4. get to see john be ultra clever in each of them
3. get to sing along with the lyrics of "in your eyes"
2. get to disuss how utterly interesting he and his movies actually are with other interesting people
1. get to hear john do all his top 5 lists in "high fidelity"

and one bonus thing, pertaining to "high fidelity":

get to hear jack black say "coshby shweater!"

haha, i absoulutely loooooove john cusak...if and when you actually have this movie night, please let me in on it...i am usually available every weeknight, incuding fridays, unless i get a job, haha.
oh you'll mos def be there!! it will be so sweet, too. I really wanna have my friends from CMU come down, but they all live so far away, and I know like 4 people here that would actually wanna come, you know? but oh yeah -- you'll be there!!