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mutha fuckaaa

Anyone wanna go to the Auto Pilot show with me on Sunday?

Token Lounge, 5:30 p.m., $7. I wanna go this time.

P.S.: walmartjanitor -- I spoke to Keith Nida, and he's gonna help get us a place for the concert, since I was starting to rethink the whole outside thing. If it doesn't work out with him, though, we need to work on Brandenburg. Hope you're still in this with me, buddy!!
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ack! i want to go!!!! i don't think my mom will let me *glares evily at mother*
we'll work on your mum...somehow, I'll get you to that show!!
have hope!
haha...you can try! i'd totally love to go...after not really seeing them last show.
yeah, for real. you deserve it!!
haha...dude...i'm grounded from the computer :( so call me...you have my cell # and my house number is 949.4305 so call me up.

hey are you going to the band concert thursday? you should totally go!

I'm interested in going to that show. Auto Pilot is pretty sweet. Let me know.

<3 <3 <3 <3

we'll talk.
I'm going to Cher on Saturday! *sticks tounge out*

I am better than thou!
yeah...Cher DOES kick a lot of ass...poop head!!

have fun!
i'll be there.
*gives a thumbs up*

see ya there.
What is the code for LJ tags that show user names like that??
oops, sorry about that
< lj user="____" >
I saw Auto Pilot for the third time on Saturday at the Magic Stick.

Good times!
hey i was there...along with maybe 4 other people. hahaha
awwww, you shoulda told me!!
you goin this weekend?
I have to work :(

Let me know how it goes!
hey the show is on SUNDAY! the 18th, not saturday. just so you now, our site is fucked up. deal with it!
ohhh that's good to know, thank you very much. hmm. odd day for a show.
YOU deal with it!


Yes I am still in this with you. So call me so we can get together and go out and talk about it all or something... lol

And yes, as Al so politely told you. The show is Sunday. I would suggest telling everyone who now thinks the show is on Saturday the truth... seeing as how your journal entry will make them want to go on saturday... Way to go and mess our shows up... ;) lol.

see ya.