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Who gives good massages? I could go for one.

You know, I've been having a fabulous week since I've gotten home from CMU.

I've cleaned out my room and car, hung out with pahlekwow, worked a LOT, gone to Lutheran High North's prom (much fun, let me tell YOU), spent some time with the OH-so-awesome beforeyougo (who totally rocks my socks), consumed massive amounts of White Castle with silvertailfoxx, skated up to school to see amimercury, played phone tag with buggieh2o, talked to Kevin, Eric, Steve (all from school), seen my grandma, bought more CDs than I have in the past year, gone to Che Cosa a LOT, worked some more, and just now, got yelled at by xunderthepinkx.

Whew. Good times, considering I've been home for a whopping 8 days. :-)

P.S.: I re-did my layout (because I am a stupid loser) and it looks uber cool. Check it.
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